Artificial Intelligence and its Uses Essay

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Artificial Intelligence and its Uses

Artificial intelligence is defined as the ability of a machine to think for itself. Scientists and theorists continue to debate if computers will actually be able to think for themselves at one point. The generally accepted theory is that computers do and will think more in the future. AI has grown rapidly in the last ten years because of the advances in computer architecture. As AI advances, human beings are using it to help with some problems that use AI.

AI is achieved using a number of different methods. The more popular methods are neural networks, fuzzy logic, and expert systems. There are very few applications that are pre-written using AI. Each company has to write its own software for the solution to the problem. An easier way around this problem is to make an add-on. The company FuziWare makes several programs that help out larger applications. FuziCalc, FuziQuote, FuziCell, FuziChoice, and FuziCost are all products that are used as management decision support systems for other off-the-shelf applications.

A neural network is a type of information processing system that is similar to the makings of biological neural systems. The neural network tries to act like the way a brain and nervous system work by checking sensory inputs and making an output. Neural networks are used mainly for internal corporate applications in different types of problems. For example, Troy Nolen was hired by a major defense contractor to design programs for guiding flight and battle patterns of the YF-22 fighter. His software runs on five on-board computers and makes split-second decisions based on data from ground stations, radar, and other sources. It also predicts what...

... middle of paper ... students specialized tasks.

There are many ways that AI can be used to solve a problem. In the future, more problems will be solved with AI. With the advancement of AI and technology, AI will continue to get better and help out humans with more problems using AI.


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