Essay on America's Endangered Species Act

Essay on America's Endangered Species Act

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America's Endangered Species Act

Save the Bald Eagles! Save the whales! Save the Mountain Lions! Such were the environmentalists rallying cries that brought about the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Although, the first official endangered species legislation was a 1966 bill that called for saving U.S. wildlife, but lacked the powers to do so. The Endangered Species Act(ESA) of 1973 set forth the basic rules that apply in the U.S. today. Two agencies, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service, are responsible for reviewing the status of species in trouble to see if they warrant listing as either threatened or endangered. The decision is to be based solely on scientific data rather than social factors, such as economic, political, and psychological factors. In theory, once a species is listed, no person, group or branch of the federal government; not even the United States Department of Defense- is allowed to proceed with a project that might harm the creature without first consulting and obtaining permission of the wildlife or fisheries service. America's establishment of the Endangered Species Act is probably the most unselfish approach to nature taken by mankind. In fact, the Endangered Species Act is an attempt by the human species to become part of the ecosystem, rather than dictate the end result. However, history shows that the ESA is perhaps mankind's greatest invention to filter other species from the ecosystem, which are irrelevant to humans' interest on "our" spaceship called Earth, when viewed from a psychological perspective.

The Endangered Species Act is a classical case of human chauvinism at its best because under it humans, or people, come first and everything else a bad last, t...

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...o presentation.

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