Greek Male Sculptures and Today's Advertising Essay

Greek Male Sculptures and Today's Advertising Essay

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Greek Male Sculptures and Today's Advertising

Freestanding sculpture that decorated the early Classical Period of Greek Art consisted of predominantly male nude figures. The male body was used in seeking to create "more realistic ways to portray the human figure in painting and sculpture and to place figures in more realistic settings"(Stokstad pg 178). This portrayal of young men through freestanding sculpture revealed a sort of obsession with the male body in which society took on as the norm. As opposed to the Greek society, the one of today might associate nudeness with aspects of profanity and vulgarity because of the view that certain parts of the body are not to be seen by public eyes. A nude body of today may also be seen as sexy or provocative. This allows the public art form of yesterday to be replaced by the controversial art form of today.

The Krytios Boy of 480 BCE is an example of this Greek glorification of the young male body. The quest to create this figure into a realistic form proves to accomplish itself in the figure's contrappasto stance, the curved spin...

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