Essay on The Jerry Springer Show

Essay on The Jerry Springer Show

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The Jerry Springer Show

The Jerry Springer Show is a rough, crude and ruthless talk show, but Jerry Springer is not. By watching the show, people would think that Jerry Springer was a crude person. Just the opposite, Jerry Springer is a very intelligent and well accomplished person. The Jerry Springer Show is considered entertainment to some, and sleaze to others. This show is a big hit and not just in the United States, but are people taking the show to literally?

I was very surprised to see what kind of man Jerry Springer is. Jerry Springer was born in London, England in 1944. At age five, Springer and his parents immigrated to New York City. Springer may seem shallow and dirty, but he actually is a very intelligent person. He has a degree in political science from Tulane University and a law degree from Northwestern University. At age 33, Springer was elected Mayor of Cincinnati. Later, Springer pursued his career in television. He was a political reporter and commentator in Cincinnati. He then became Cincinnati’s number one news anchor.

Springers employers took him to lunch and gave him a new assignment of hosting a talk show. The first Jerry Springer show was aired on September 30, 1991. After watching his show, I thought that he would be like his guest. The background of Jerry Springer shocked me. He is nothing like the guest on his show. He has many accomplishments and is very smart.

The talk show is like no other on television. The ratings of The Jerry Springer Show have surpassed The Oprah Winfrey Show. What makes this show so popular? Maybe is some of the catchy titles such as “Jerry Rescues a 1200-Pound Couple,” “Give Me Back My Lover,” or “I’m Having a Secret Affair.” Whatever the ...

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...ed to understand that it is just TV.

The Jerry Springer Show was shown during a school mid-term last September at a Bridgeport Connecticut high school. A student at Stratford High School was attacked by another student after viewing the show. The students say that the show sparked a disagreement and one student attacked another student as they left class. Besides having teenage call girls on the show there are some serious topics, such as Klu Klux Klan. You do not have to be a certain age to be targeted by the show, you just have to be entertained by it.

If you want to see fights of many kinds, tune into The Jerry Springer Show. There are many people who are opposed to this “trash TV,” but there are plenty who find it entertaining. Jerry Springer said that he does not get a lot of hate mail simply because, “If they don’t like it, they don’t watch it.”

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