Essay on Homosexuality and the Christian Church

Essay on Homosexuality and the Christian Church

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Homosexuality and the Christian Church

In today’s Christian churches there has come about a very controversial subject, one that has been developing for many years, and is now at the fore front of controversial issues dealing with the church. The issue at hand is homosexuality and the Christian church. This controversy has caused there to be a split between the church into two different beliefs, liberal and evangelical, which one is right and which and which one is wrong? Issues such as should homosexuals be aloud in the church? If so how involved should they be? And most importantly what does God have to say about homosexuality? These are tough question brought about by a tough issue and the only way these questions can be resolved with absolute indisputable authority is by looking into the Holy bible and seeking God’s truth on homosexuality.

Should homosexuals be allowed in the church? The answer to this question is a definite yes. They should be allowed in the church. Heterosexual’s sin is just like homosexual’s sin, and the sin of homosexuality is just as damning as any other sin heterosexuals commit. Now, what do I mean by sin? Sin is anything that separates us from God. Sin is going against God’s will, and it keeps us from knowing God the Father. So in light of that, homosexuals should not be banned from coming to church. They should be accepted by Christians with the loving arms that Christ has shown us.

For many homosexuals, today’s world is not a very friendly and loving place. They face all sorts of prejudice, misunderstanding, and hatred by the straight world, and the church is the last place they should find this opposition – to an extent. However we as Christians have to draw the line somewh...

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... is attending church, intending to become a member, still living in his or her sin and not changing their ways. This is evident that they are continuing to defile themselves by making a mockery of God’s laws, and have no right to be a member of the church family that is striving to obey its creator, and should then be asked to leave. Because when one is caught up in sin, but not willing to change, they are in direct rebellion to God and a danger to the church.

This rule of the church not only applies to homosexuality, but to all sin. So those who smugly think homosexuality is a horrible sin worse than that of greed or spreading false rumors or being drunk, better think again. God has not changed nor has his response to all sin. No more, no less, he despises it, but desperately wants to help those who want his help: those who admit their sin and want to stop.

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