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snake bites

Bob was walking in the woods one day when his life was put in great
danger. He had just stepped over a log when he felt a sharp sting
on the back of his leg. He looked down and saw two small puncture
wounds on his leg. The stinging sensation instantly went throughout
his body and that was when he saw a snake still laying beside the
log he had just stepped over. Bob had many questions running
through his head. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know if the
snake was poisonous. Bob began to panic. What next? Is Bob going
to live? We will find out later but first lets learn more about the
dangers of snakebites.

What are snake bites?

Snake bites are wounds inflicted by the mouth of a snake. A
wound from a snake with short teeth and no fangs may look like a
series of scratches or tiny punctures. The twin puncture wounds
usually associated with snakebites appear when the paired fangs of
a fanged snake break through the skin.(Encarta 99)

Snakebites from nonpoisonous snakes are not serious but should
be cleansed with an antiseptic to prevent infection. The bite of a
poisonous snake, which can inject venom into the body, may cause
a burning pain usually spreads rapidly from the place where you
have been bitten. Swelling and color changes in the skin follow soon
after. A person may feel feverish, thirsty, and sick at their stomach.
They may even vomit.(Diseases-Encyclopedia)

Bites by coral snakes produce somewhat different symptoms,
including numbness, vision problems, and difficulty

The victim of a snakebite should seek first aid promptly. An
attempt should be made to identify the snake if it can be done
safely. First aid measures should focus on keeping the victim quiet
so that the heart rate remains normal, thereby slowing the spread of
venom in the bloodstream. The area of the bite should be kept
below the level of the heart. The victim should seek medical
attention immediately. Depending upon the victim’s symptoms and
the species of the snake, the physician may administer antivenin, a
preparation that helps to neutralize the venom and minimize its
harmful effects.(Encarta96)

The venom of poisonous snakes is produced and stored in
specialized glands within the snake’s head. In the United States,
there are four types of poisonous snakes: coral snakes,

... middle of paper ... maintain a private or laboratory collection of live venomous
species, keep all cages under lock and key; rooms where such
cages are located should have a double door and vestibule, be completely
visible through glass paneling from the outside and be off-limits to all but
authorized personnel. If a snake appears missing from a cage you may be
able to locate it before entering the room in preparation of re-securing it.
Such rooms should be completely sealed. No open or screened windows
and no "mouse-holes" or pipe holes through which a snake can escape.
Sink drains should be also be capped and toilets, if present, always kept
8. Finally if you deal with venomous snakes always make sure you
have or know where to locate a supply of specific antivenom for the species
you are involved with.(Snakebite Emergency Webpage)

Unfortunately Bob didn’t know any of this first aid information. He passed
out in the woods and had no way to get help. He died About three hours
after being bitten by a large rattle snake. I hope you have read this
information thoroughly, you may encounter a snake the next time you leave
the house will you know what to do.

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