Essay about The Role of Economics in the Lives of Puerto Rican Migrants

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Economics has an important role in the lives of Puerto Rican migrants, who come to the United States searching for a better life and employment. It’s the economic characteristics of both the Puerto Rican island and the United States, which causes a growth in the mobilization of many Puerto Rican migrants. Economics causes the continuing trend of transition between the island and the United State. After the United States acquired the rights to the island from the Spanish in 1898, this opened a new door for the working-class Puerto Ricans on the island, especially agricultural workers and skilled labor workers. "The larger forces behind Puerto Rican migration to the United States were colonialism and capitalism"(Cruz, 3). During the beginning of the 20th century, Puerto Rican migrants provided an inexpensive labor force to meet the demands of US industries, both agricultural and textile. Migration to the US would become a familiar pattern for most Puerto Ricans as they wanted to escape the economic hardships of the island.

It was through capitalism that Puerto Ricans had substantial economic reasons to move to the United States. An important period in United States politics helped create another incentive for coming in the US. During the 1920s, Congress passed the Johnson Act which stipulated a reduction in the amount of European immigration(Cruz, 3). The Johnson Act of 1921 was important because produced more jobs by opening an increased employment space for the Puerto Rican working-class migrants. During the economic transformation of Puerto Rican economics, two developments had occurred which affected the Puerto Rican community.

". . . the creation of a rural proletariat on the sugar plantations and the shift from craft...

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...Rican working-class.

Today, in the United States, higher employment rates and welfare programs provide increased chances for economic stability. However, there are some negative aspects of the US economy which contribute to mobilization of Puerto Ricans. Not all Puerto Ricans can achieve the dream of economic wealth, the jobs fields for unskilled and uneducated Puerto Ricans have a more difficult time adjusting to the United States economy. These individuals cannot find the necessary jobs which provide enough job security, a decent income, and health benefits. Economic life in the US is far different from that of Puerto Rico. The economy of Puerto Rico has still remained agriculturally based and caused a stagnation in the social mobility of its people.

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