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President Jimmy Carter

The President of Peace Jimmy Carter was born October 1, 1924, in the
small farming town of Plains, Georgia, and grew up in the nearby
community of Archery. His father, James Earl Carter, Sr., was a farmer
and businessman; his mother, Lillian Gordy, a registered nurse. He was
educated in the Plains public schools, attended Georgia Southwestern
College and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and received a Bachelor
of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1946. On July
7, 1946, he married Rosalynn Smith. When his father died in 1953, he
resigned a naval commission and returned to Plains. He became involved
in the affairs of the community, serving as chairman of the county
school board and the first president of the Georgia Planning
Association. In 1962 he won election to the Georgia Senate. He lost his
first gubernatorial campaign in 1966, but won the next election,
becoming Georgia’s 76th governor on January 12, 1971. He was the
Democratic National Committee campaign chairman for the 1974
congressional elections (Hochman html). After only serving one term as
governor of Georgia he announced his candidacy for president of the
United States on December 12, 1974. He won his party’s nomination on the
first ballot at the 1976 Democratic National Convention, and was elected
the 39th president of the United States on November 2, 1976. During his
presidency, Jimmy Carter made many important foreign policy
accomplishments, including the Panama Canal treaties, the Diplomatic
relations with China, and the Salt II treaty with the Soviet Union.

Jimmy Carter’s first foreign policy accomplishment, and by the United
States citizens, the most popular, were the Panama Canal treaties. After
more than eighty years after the first official ocean-to-ocean transit
of the Panama Canal, the United States and Panama embarked on a
partnership for the management, operation and defense of the Panama
Canal. Under two treaties signed in a ceremony at the OAS headquarters
in Washington, D.C., on September 7, 1977, the canal would be operated
by the United States until the turn of the century under arrangements
designed to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between
the two countries. The treaties were approved by Panama in a plebiscite
on October 23, 1977, and th...

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...T II treaty being
ratified, it set an agreement for the heavy cut back of nuclear weapons
for both the United States and the Soviet Union. This was a relief to
the citizens of the United States in a sense that the nuclear arms race
was coming to a halt. Jimmy Carter was a man who made the most of his
opportunities and did what was best, in his mind, for the general public
of all United States. The puzzle about the Carter presidency which may
never be fully answered is why Jimmy Carter became so unpopular with the
media, politicians and the general public, and stayed unpopular during
the presidency of his successor. With more political skill, and a good
bit more luck, Jimmy Carter might have been a second term president.

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