Portrayal of Latinos in Film Essay

Portrayal of Latinos in Film Essay

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From the late 1800's to the 1960's, Puerto Ricans began to rise to recognition as a dominating influence, creating chaos in American society. This comment is based on the immigration of Puerto Ricans to America, and the problems it caused.

Most of it began in the 1980's, when a great influx of Puerto Ricans flooded urban American cities in large numbers, creating chaos in the White House. This immigration happened to coincide with the downfall of inner cities as well as the youth, who began to show delinquent behavior paralleled by the decline in the inner city's stable structure. A general social decay was in the works, and a distressed Ronald Reagan staged one of the most endurable campaign stops against Carter in front of the run-down, burned down city of the Bronx. To compensate for the unknown disorder of American cities at this point in time, Reagan and many others assumed that the rise of the ghetto of Hispanic immigrants was synonomous with the deterioration of
our cities.

So it became Hollywood's task to create false images that linked society's decline ...

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