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Imagine a Brave New World      


Imagine living in a world without mothers and fathers, a place in which all those around you are human clones with no personality, a vast array of people that are not seen as individuals but a social body. This society results from the absence of spirituality and family, the obsession with physical pleasure, and the misuse of technology. The society described above, becomes a reality in A Brave New World, a novel depicting how the advancement of science effects humanity.

A Brave New World takes place in 632 A.F.(after Henry Ford, inventor of assembly lines), many years after civilization started to be controlled. Civilization is reconstructed into a new society after a global nine year war. The war was so brutal and tiresome, that the people decide to control the world's actions through means of science. The society predetermines human embryos to certain levels of intelligence, and chemically eliminates becoming sick or old. Children are placed in different castes to decide divisions in labor. The five castes are Epsilons, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Alphas, with Alphas being the highest caste. To determine which caste they are placed in the children are given or denied certain skills and capabilities. The controllers rule the civilization though conditioning, behavioral engineering, and certain mind altering drugs called 'Somae'. The Ten controllers of the world states determine all the rules of the society. The societies dictorial government has chosen machinery, medicine and happiness over God. The citizens choose happiness and stability over freedom and individuality. Without sin and imperfection the citizens are nothing but robots in this Utopian world,a society built on b...

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... dilemma in exchanging happiness for freedom and art to gain stability and control over the people of A Brave New World.

A Brave New World is very enlightening and thought provoking as it talks about what it means to be human. The price that many people must give up in order gain absolute happiness and stability is freedom, love and religion, aspects of life too precious to omit. There is no war or disease to deal with, but the people don't have the chance to experience art, love and history. Through sacrificing and eliminating these aspects of life, a citizen is robbed of the opportunity to enjoy a well-rounded, mistake-making, lesson-learning, quality life. The aspired goal achieved from giving up freedom, love and religion seems appealing and rewarding, but the reality of the effects on humanity is proven devastating in Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World.


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