Expanding Feminist Activism Essay

Expanding Feminist Activism Essay

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Expanding Feminist Activism

I chose this topic mainly because of interest. When thinking about the idea of feminism aside from all stereotypes one would think the struggle for women's rights. The idea sounds unified in saying and one would assume most women were involved. For a long time the women's movement applied to just white upper class females. I found a source on extremist women, which focused on the powerful ideas of white supremacy. This article was geared toward white women, and the goal trying to be achieved was equal status as men in the work place, and no rights for minorities. Not surprisingly many of these participants were in the Ku Klux Klan. What is funny to me is that while these women are making this "powerful" stand for women and humanity they are also contradicting themselves as well. How can u have a fight for justice and equality, when not everyone is allowed to participate? I found another source which was called Feminism is For Everybody written by bell Hooks. Its focus was on her opinion of the feminist movement and how she felt it too was focused on the white middle class. When the movement opened up and extended themselves to other groups there was still a large problem. Many of them assumed that every other group was fighting for the same thing, and if they weren't well they should change views because there way was the "right" way. What's important with this situation is not every group suffers the same, there are similarities but the end goal can sometimes be different. The first sight was one was called, Expanding the boundaries of the Women's movement: Black feminism and the struggle for welfare rights. This article is critical; it paints a picture of the needs and wants of feminist from Afric...

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...This is both helpful and interesting because we are once again to see different culture address different issues. Their focuses are on making a stronger bond and unify the women.

Russo, Ann. White Women, Antiracism, and feminism. Indiana, 1991.

This book was one which we read in class that discusses the ideas and points of views on Russo and the ideas of white supremacy. This was actually very helpful because it brought back past and possible future ideas of white supremacy and racism.

Voices from the Gaps. Bell Hooks. (Feb. 1998) . Online Voices from the Gap. Internet. February 12, 1998. Available: http://www.voices.ccla.umn.edu/authors/bellhooks.html

This website mainly focuses on more background information of feminism and her views. It also provides different websites that one could search for further information. This is both insightful and helpful.

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