Ecofeminism- Links the domination of women and the domination of nature.

Ecofeminism- Links the domination of women and the domination of nature.

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Expanding Feminist Activism Ecological Feminism: local/global activism

Ecofeminism- Links the domination of women and the domination of nature.

Ecofeminism places importance on our connection as people of one earth and also recognizes how women have been, historically in the capitalist patriarchy, labeled as subordinate in relation to the dominating body. The environment falls into this subordinate category because it continues to be pressed and used to benefit the man machine. It may be hard for participants in the capitalist system to open their eyes and accept an ecofeminist stance when the realms of ecology and capitalism are held in opposition. "Ecofeminists do not support the idea that women's increased economic, political and social participation in the predominant, but also destructive and life-opposing socio-economic system is a good way to freedom" (Littig 15). It is our duty to act in ways that promote a change in the current system. My essay will explore not only the domination of nature and women everywhere by the capitalist system, it will also address the ways in which people are acting to promote ecological awareness and the breakdown of a dualistic ideology.

"We are constantly invited by those dutifully serving the gods of profit and production to turn our attention elsewhere, to downgrade our concerns, and to view the very economic system that has caused the present global degradation of the environment as the solution to the problems it has generated" (Foster 25). We do not have to completely reject the current social order. It simply needs to be infused with a more egalitarian social order. Instead of seeing nature and women as inferior and readily exploitable, their connection should be viewed as a ...

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...e in proactive dialogue and know how important the environment is. We are a product of the environment. I suggest that everyone recognize the connection and respect it.

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