Essay on The World Connected

Essay on The World Connected

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The World Connected

Born in the mind of an MIT professor in the early years of the 1960's, "the internet-or net, for short"(Jonscher,154)-has been maintained as the information-technology center throughout the closing of the twentieth century connecting people and ideas throughout the world in little more than the stroke of a key and faster than the blink of an eye . Imagine the possibility of transferring one bank account to another with the click of a mouse-from New York to Hong Kong, or buying a car or even a house off a computer screen, or talking to a long-forgotten aunt on the other side of the globe for hours upon hours at zero cents a minute, or, especially, the unimaginable possibility of delivering a message to everyone in the world, one person at a time and as fast as that message can be forwarded: these were the dreams of J.C.R. Licklider; the dreams that became reality (Jonscher, 154). In 1966, just four years after the origination of the first idea, Licklider's dream of the Internet was adopted by Larry Roberts, project manager for the U.S. Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), and together they became the pioneers of the "Galactic Network". When Robert's proposal was accepted by the other members of the agency, a plan went into effect to create the "ARPANET", which in time became what we know today as the Internet. The first remnants of the Internet began with defense contractors and universities, beginning with UCLA in 1969. (jonscher, 155)

Soon, the Internet underwent a transition from a single network to a linked one, becoming a network of networks, making it the largest information source in the history of the world. Through the 1980's, the "Net", itself, sparked a massive demand...

... middle of paper ...

...Net has become an intricate and essential element in our lifestyles today, but there are others who are still curious of the jeopardy we face as the cost of so much private and potentially destructive information so easily accessible to the hands of freedom's true enemies. As we begin our ascent into the 21st century, these are the questions we are finding concern with. What the answer will be, only time will tell.

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