The Educational Benefits of Video Games Essay

The Educational Benefits of Video Games Essay

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The Educational Benefits of Video Games

The repetition of the statement claiming that video games do not help children in their educational enterprises is unfair. There have been numerous studies conducted providing evidence that children gain structural knowledge while engaging in video game play (Pillay 2002).

Certainly, different styles of video games may produce different results. It is important for us to understand the different benefits from the various styles of games. Because students play a wide variety of games, they may have a repertoire of schemas with different information (Pillay 2002).

Visual Skills

A majority of the studies conducted discussed results regarding visual skills. The appreciation of visual skill increase is attributed primarily to action video games. Due to the number of varied tasks, the demands may result in brain changes and improve visual skills. Action video games could be used in the treatment programs of people with visual problems (Chudler 2003). They may increase children’s hand-eye coordination and attention to detail (Cesarone 1994).

Action video gamers tend to be more attune to their surroundings. Medal
of Honor is one game highly recommended to increase visual attentiveness.

Studies of those who played this game show they could drive down the street
and more likely identify a child that was running after a ball than a non-video gamer (Roach 2003).

Researchers Greene and Bavelier at the University of Rochester in New York conducted a study and had students play action video games. The students had to play four days a week for six months. Those who were trained playing the video games:

· Had better visual skills and visual attention

· ...

... middle of paper ...

... simulation.
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