It's Time for Uniforms in American Schools Essay

It's Time for Uniforms in American Schools Essay

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It's Time for Uniforms in American Schools
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School uniforms have been debated in the public school system for what seem like fifty years. Understand the constructive views that most administrations envision, you start to recognize the goals associated with having students wear them; however, there is a flip side. The unenthusiastic views that are associated with school uniforms present an equally intriguing question. Should schools incorporate them into the curriculum or not? Who opposes it and why it may be used to insure our children’s future. All views will be presented for you to make the decision.

Why is this an issue? Well it seems that clothes have become the status maker and not grades, attendance and behavior. They say never judge a book by its cover; however, it seems that in today’s society looks mean everything. A child’s mental demeanor can change with what he/she is wearing. The age-old problem of “ mom I have nothing to wear” has become a burden, even when there is a wardrobe stuffed behind over sprung closet doors. This is the issue. Fashion and the status of a student should not coincide. If anything a student’s statues should be reflected by the grades they receive from class. That should be the only determinant; unfortunately, this is not the case. So what role does various clothes and fashion portray, according to Swain (2002) cloths are used to portray individualism (p53). Individualism is an important feature for a student to possess. But again it seems that individualism can be achieve through other venues. From a teacher’s stand point the main issue with student wearing uniforms is the impact uniforms can have on behavior and grades. Student’s behaviors can be influenced from a uni...

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...mes to there children’s future. With television and the media promoting a way of life that is out of reach for most of the populous, parents need to help there children realize that school is important in obtaining a grasp and gaining that desired future? A proper education and the desire to sacrifice time and the superficial individuality needs to be completed now at a young age. Sacrifices must be made to gain the, now required high school diploma to insure their place in the middle ground of society. The more sacrifices the student learns to make at a young age the better prepared he/she will be for hurtles that one faces in everyday life. With the rise of tabloid television it seems that the “dumbing of America” has begun. This uniform policy is the first step that needs to be taken to insure the success of our children. Education is the issue here not fashion.

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