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There is a great divide between rich school districts and poor school districts in respect to students’ achievements. Many of the poor school districts’ student population consists of minorities, which adds to the stereotypes of minorities not being intelligent. “These students, for whom a strong education is especially essential, are being left behind - and being left behind in greater and greater numbers over the past decade” (“Equity” par 1).

One way that this problem has occurred is that in many poor districts, many of the teachers are not certified in the area in which they teach. In fact, forty percent of the Math teachers teaching in poor districts and thirty-one percent of the English teachers teaching in poor districts do not the proper certification for the subject they are teaching. This is compared to the twenty-eight percent of Math teachers and nineteen percent of English teachers in richer districts (“Equity”).

The expectations for students in poor districts are not the same as the expectations of students is wealthier districts. Students that receive A’s in poorer districts do not do as well on standardized tests as A-students in wealthy districts. Therefore, getting A’s in poorer schools does not hold the same weight as going to a “better” school and receiving an “ A” there, or better yet, having a chance to make the Honor Roll at the better school. Statistics show that students that receive A’s in poverty-stricken schools do as well as affluent students that receive C’s and D’s in their schools.

As a whole, the situation is not getting any better. The gap in educational achievement between the two types of schools is not good. The neglect in the welfare of students’ e...

... middle of paper ... for the teachers so they can craft lessons to make sure each student at the very least, is meeting specific standards.

For any reason under the No Child Left Behind Act, a child is not showing improvement with the help of the federal funds implemented into the school, the child will either have the option to leave his or her current school and attend a school of higher achievement, or the child will be entitled to free tutoring in the community.

For the first time in education’s history, states and local education agencies will have more flexibility with the use of their Federal education funding because of the No Child Left Behind Act. The result of this will allow local authorities, principals, and parents to use quality information that is factual and data based to improve public education for every child, so that no child gets left behind in education.

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