Essay on Internet Usage in College life

Essay on Internet Usage in College life

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Internet Usage in College life

Who would have thought that one technological advance would change the way
we look at many things in life. Who could have believed this to be true ten years ago.
This technological device happens to be the Internet and it is very prevalent in our
modern day society. It is involved with every facet of life from parenting to sports, from shows to artistic expression, and from education in the college realm. The Internet has changed many things including the educational system of America. This new technology has been used to evolve some of the educational system and help many aspects of education. Colleges are using this new technology to their advantage by establishing
many programs through internet usage. Colleges now use the Internet for many things
including scheduling, employment opportunities, classes, online assignments, etc.
They also use it for email addresses and other ways of communicating with the students.
Students also rely very heavily on the Internet. They use it for many things such as
research, scheduling, assignments, tests, etc. The Internet has a great impact of the educational community, and has greatly enhanced the learning experiences of college students.

Who could think of a time when the Internet was just a figment of peoples imaginations? Who could think of a time where we would actually have to read a map to locate some place that we were going? In our modern times, we would not know what to do if the internet were not around. We couldn’t just go to mapquest and look up where Aunt Sue lived if it wasn’t for the internet. As our usage of the internet increases, we see
it in almost every facet of our lives. One part of our li...

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