Essay on Deaf Education Technology

Essay on Deaf Education Technology

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Deaf Education Technology

Technology has advanced our school systems and provides many new and helpful products into the classrooms. Technology has also provided specialized products for students that are hearing impaired. There is no lack of opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing in the school system. There are many ways to innovate the way they learn.

Children learn best through a visual mode. Providing an environment where the child can learn things through the use of their sense of vision is very important. They teach students to think, process, organize, and prioritize new information. It is also said that visual diagrams expose patterns interdependencies, interrelationships, and stimulate creative thinking. Video Chalk is a program used to communicate to your students using video imagery. It is one of the inexpensive choices used to enhance presentations, and classroom programs. The features of this program include marking over live or recorded video, instant switching among two video sources, drawing boards and six built-in background patterns. Teachers can also use the Internet as a tool to help them learn. One web cite I found was a Sign Language Dictionary available online it listed most words. There are many different available sign language cites online to help deaf students with homework or for extra curricular activities. The Internet provides many visual aids that help the students to better understand material. Another tool for teaching is by using Voice-to-text technologies. They have been on the market for quite a few years. All the products using voice-to-text technology need to be trained to understand the voice of the speaker.

The speaker must also monitor the text to pick up...

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