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Technology and Cheating Essay

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Technology and Cheating

"Technology really is a double-edged sword when it comes to cheating. The means for detecting cheating are catching up with the means for cheating."

“There are many definitions of cheating, but the one that most accurately applies to the school environment is this one from Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, to violate rules dishonestly.”[1] With that definition, “A recent survey of more than 1,000 Choices readers shows that cheating among teenagers is a huge problem. Ninety-six percent of the respondents said that cheating was a problem in their school, and while 98 percent of the students said a person did not need to cheat to succeed, 64 percent of the respondents admitted cheating on a test.”[2] Another example of this is given “in a recent study by the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University, 73 percent of seventh-graders and 66 percent of sixth-graders admitted that they had cheated. ‘Because kids as young as eight and nine now have Internet access, we see this problem moving further down in grade level,’ reports Steven Jongewaard, Ph.D., professor of education at Hamline University.”[3]

Why do students cheat? According to the same survey as above, “students said they cheated because they needed to save time, they felt the problems, questions, or assignment were too hard, they were afraid of getting a poor grade or failing, and they weren't prepared. ‘Some kids think they're too cool to study, or that they know everything and don't have to study,’ says Alyxe. ‘Then, when it comes to the test, they're surprised and they try to cheat.’ Trying to please parents or attempting to help a friend is also reasons why kids cheat.”[4] To me this all seems like excuses.
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