Behavioral Techniques in the Classroom Essay

Behavioral Techniques in the Classroom Essay

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Behavioral Techniques in the Classroom

Very often, American parents complain that schools are disorderly and undisciplined. They claim that their child’s behavior has worsened and the child is using vulgar language. Teachers, however, complain that students arrive at school lacking common courtesy and respect for authority. Because of this, instruction time is wasted trying to obtain order (Bennett, et. al., 1999).

Student discipline is affected by classroom management. The way in which a teacher manages his/her classroom delineates the type of instruction that will take place in the classroom. A classroom in which the teacher takes total responsibility for guiding students’ actions comprises a different learning environment than one in which students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions (Evertson, 2003). Many schools are reluctant to hold students accountable for their own actions. The education establishment warns teachers that they will be placing themselves in a questionable role if they emphasize rules, punish bad behavior, and reward good conduct (Bennett, et. al., 1999). Teachers need to create a learning environment in which students are encouraged to do their best and therefore, motivated to work to their highest potential. Teachers need to also set expectations and maintain the learning environment they have developed. Even in effectively managed classrooms, however, problems may occur.
Effective teachers handle the problem quickly when inappropriate behavior occurs in order to keep the behavior from continuing and spreading. Most behavior can be handled with unobtrusive techniques, though some misbehavior requires more direct intervention. Whether orderly structures have bee...

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