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Weather and Technology

Weather has been almost an unpredictable element that the world faces every day.
Predicting weather has almost been impossible until technology came into the picture.
There have been big technological breakthroughs with satellites and radars that help forecasters predict future weather conditions all around the world. Technologies has advanced throughout the years and are continuing to become more advanced today.
Technology has helped scientist understand the most dangerous natural disasters in the world to help protect the public and allow society get to a safe location when the time is necessary.

Radar, stands for Radio detection and ranging. Radar transmits microwaves in a focused beam. The microwave energy bounces off of its primary object and returns as data to be measured (Weather Questions 1). Radar then will send pulses of energy, rather than a continuous signal, which it will then measure how far away the object was when the microwaves reflected off of it. Combined with the radar's ability to scan up and down and in a circular motion which allows the radar to detect elements in all directions, modern radars can measure three dimensionally and up to one hundred miles from the radar(Weather Questions 2). The development and advancement in the radar has progressed the ability to learn more about weather and its developments. As radar continually develops and becomes more advanced, the more likely scientist will be able to understand and predict the future directions and outcomes a storm may have.

Weather satellites have been our eyes in the sky for more than 40 years. Weather satellite images showing the advanced weather fronts are regular elements of the news station. Satellites give ...

... middle of paper ...

...fely make it through a snowstorm.

Technology has effectively improved the predictions and understanding of very serious natural disasters and storms. Radars and Satellites have greatly helped scientists predict the pathways of storms and weather fronts. Due to the advancement of technology scientists have started to learn and understand the devilments and anatomies of the most feared natural disasters such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Snowstorms. Scientist’s predictions and discoveries have helped the public get into a safer location. Weather technology advanced and is continuing to improve to help prevent casualties and economic loses. Weather Technology has came a long way from the pioneering days of storm predictions, If the technology continues to improve there is a great possibility that the public will become more prepared and damages will be at a minimum.

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