Essay on History of Parent Involvement in Education: Family Organizations

Essay on History of Parent Involvement in Education: Family Organizations

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History of Parent Involvement in Education: Family Organizations

Parental involvement has been an issue in the United States since before the turn of the nineteenth century. Perhaps one of the most well-known organizations in support of parental involvement in schools was created in 1897. The National Congress of Mothers set up a statement of purposes that created the basis for their organization. The purposes included: “the education of parents for child development; the coöperation of home and school; the promotion of the kindergarten movement; the securing of legislation for neglected and dependent children; and the education of young people for parenthood,” (Butterworth, 7). The Congress of Mothers evolved in 1908 into the National Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations and in 1924 it changed to the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, and today is known as the Parent Teacher Association, or the PTA. In some school districts, it has extended further to the PTSA, involving, parents, teachers, and students. Even in the 1920’s, the importance of parental involvement was apparent enough to receive adequate attention. The 1924 Handbook of the National Congress stated that:
“A parent- teacher association is an organization of parents, teachers, and others
interested, for the purpose of studying reciprocal problems of the child, the home, and the school, and the relation of each to the community and the state, in order that the whole national life may be strengthened by the making of better, healthier, happier, more controlled, and more intelligent citizens,” (Butterworth, 44).

Supplementing this, the 1926 handbook of the New York State Congress stated that “it is an organization which seeks to interest...

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