Essay about How to Identify Gifted Children from Standard Students

Essay about How to Identify Gifted Children from Standard Students

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How to Identify Gifted Children from Standard Students

There are many approaches for identifying gifted and talented students; some include standardized tests, such as intelligence tests, and creativity test. These tests should be inclusive to ensure gifted and talented students are not disadvantaged on the basis of gender, racial, cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds, physical or sensory disability or geographic location (Department of Education and Training, 2004). Another method is through direct observation by either the teacher or the parents. One thing must remain clear when identifying gifted children, there are multiple forms of intelligence and each child exhibits their intelligence in different ways. Depending on how or who is identifying the gifted child, there are different criteria each identifier uses.

There are different characteristics, I have found, that gifted and talented students possess when compared to the average student. Their mental development exceeds their physical development, which is shown through their performance on intelligence tests.
The logical thinking processes of the gifted are quick and logical, this combined with the urge to learn and curiosity is a trait one can use when identifying. Gifted children have the tendency to learn at an early age and learn quicker, exhibit advanced levels of comprehension; exhibit a high degree of responsibility and motivation to learn. They also have longer attention spans than their peers once in school. (Unger, 2001)

Work Habits of Child

As well as having high intellectual levels, gifted children also have higher personality traits than average children. They tend to have a high self-confidence level and sense of independence, which ties in...

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This article talks about the necessary training a teacher of a regular classroom needs to teach a child with gifted abilities.

Parke, B. Challenging Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom. Retrieved November 21, 2004 from

This is about how teachers can challenge the gifted student in a regular classroom setting.

Schank, R. (January 2000). FUTURE PERSPECTIVE - A Vision of Education for the 21st Century.

Retrieved November 18, 2004 from

This article is about the future of education and technology. It included the role of the teacher in the future.

Nugent, S. A. (2001, fall). Technology & the Gifted. Gifted Child Today, 39-43

This article is about the uses of technology for the gifted student and its different uses.

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