Essay on Glaciers, Ice and Global Warming

Essay on Glaciers, Ice and Global Warming

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Glaciers, Ice and Global Warming

Glaciers are one of the most fundamental phenomenon on the planet, and much of their purpose and impact on earth has been well documented and published. Ice sheets, Ice Caps and Glaciers trap nearly 90% of the world's fresh water, and are replenished by snowfall each year. Their existence on this planet dates back 650,000,000 years and yet they are always moving, always shifting and always melting. Before, human existence and even during the brief era of humans, ice dominated all of the earth's landmass and have regulated, created and altered many of the landscapes around the world.

The numerous ice ages documented on this planet that have shaped its contours, offers us incredible insight on many of the factors that have made this planet the way we see it today. But the great thing about glaciers and ice caps being much older than the human race, is that scientists are able to distinguish much information and characteristics of the past. And by understanding the past, we gain a much better perspective of the future: what we h...

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