Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry? Essays

Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry? Essays

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Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry?

It all depends on whom you talk to, because everyone has their opinion. Some people feel that this industry is a flash in the pan, but others feel quite differently. The Internet is expanding second by second and the information that is on this medium is astounding. Newspapers and magazines have jumped into a type of publishing called internet publishing, or electronic publishing, in which the Internet becomes the primary place to find information about the particular company. Organizations like Syracuse Online have used this type of publishing and grabbed a much different quality of audience than the print version of the Syracuse Post-Standard. Electronic publishing brings information to the user instantly, with minute-by-minute updates of news stories, sports scores and special events. Like no other form of media, electronic publishing uses new technology unique only to the Internet, in order to enhance the experience of the user online. Java applets and scripts, Macromedia Shockwave programs, RealAudio broadcasts, free e-mail newsletters, live video webcasts and interactive chat are some of the ways in which electronic publishers can translate basic text into exciting, moving media applications. Syracuse Online has taken advantage of these new media on the Internet and has changed the way in which Central New Yorkers view their web site.

There are problems with change that skeptics of the Internet have. One problem is that information changes so quickly sometimes, that new information mounted on a web site five minutes ago, might not be read because something has just changed. So, in their opinion, why would you write an article or record a sound bite that won't be ...

... middle of paper ...

...s made that even more possible.

The issues that I have raised are just a handful of what is being talked about with regards to electronic publishing. Electronic publishing will continue to grow with the Internet. As more people discover the power of electronic publishing to reach out to people, the medium will grow exponentially. The future is very bright for the Internet and for electronic publishing. Only time will tell though.

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