Essay about Importance of Early Childhood Education

Essay about Importance of Early Childhood Education

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Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is for children from the ages three to eight years old. In this field there are four learning goals that early programs have for a young child.
The four learning goals are: knowledge (consists of facts, concepts, ideas, and vocabulary), skills ( small units of action that occur in short period of time), disposition ( respond to certain situations), and feelings ( emotional states) ( Katz 2003). With an successful care giving and early education, it can bring an positive outcome to a child’s life. What a child learns in their early years are things that will continue to helps them along in their future in school and in the real world. When a child is introduced to early childhood education, they can enhance many benefits from it. The benefits that a child will encounter when set into an early education program are: they are less likely to be antisocial and repeat a grade, achieve higher levels of achievement, are more likely to graduate from high school, be more prepared to enter school, and have higher IQ’s (CPPP1999). Early education can help a child show their abilities from learning to their parent and teacher which will help the parent and teacher have positive expectations for the child. In an personal interview with five year old Cochran (2003) said, “ I like showing my mom what I learn. My favorite thing that I have learned is the alphabet in sign language. I have twenty new friends.” As a child starts to grow in life, their first three years is when their brain development increases most. By the age two, the brain has grown about 75 % of it’s adults weight, and by the age five it has reached to 90% (Steinberg 1995). Interaction is a go...

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This article informs the reader on the four goals of learning. It explains the two major dimensions in the nature of development. It also informs the reader on different teaching methods. This article is a revision of the 1987 digest What Should Young Children Be Learning? by Katz

Education Week. (Nov. 14,2003). Parent involvement. [electronic version] Education week. Retrieved Nov.16,2003, From

This website magazine article informs the viewer on why parent involvement in schools are important, and what parents and teachers can do to become involved in the schools.

Mathews, J. ( Feb. 12,2002). Parenting Impacts Success in Kindergarten. [electronic version] Washington Post. Retrieved Oct. 5,2003, From

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