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Geography of Cuba Essay

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Geography of Cuba
The geography of Cuba is very diverse, with large mountain ranges spanning the western and south central regions, and a beautiful 2,320 mile coastline that boasts white, sandy beaches to the north. The semitropical climate of Cuba supports lush, agricultural fields in which many species of plants and animals thrive.

The main island of Cuba is about 40,543 sq. miles, and Cuba's Isla de la Juventud (Island of Youth) covers about 1,180 sq. miles. Also part of the Republic are four sets of small archipelagos: the Sabana, the Colorados, the Canarreos and the Jardines de la Reina.

The main type of soil found in Cuba is red clay, along with some sand and limestone hills. A surprising three quarters of Cuba's land is fertile countryside and is readily accessible to many harbors. Cuba has a unique advantage over the other Carribean islands because of its accessibility to harbors, which allows for the transport of agricultural goods easily and efficiently to foreign markets.


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