Why Build Solar? Essay

Why Build Solar? Essay

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Why Build Solar?

The question is, “why utilize the solar energy for our homes that is given from an existing power source for free?” A simple answer could be because the source of power in the long run is for free. The truth to the statement is nothing is for free because taking advantage of the sun does require some effort, but there certainly isn’t as much effort compared to the energy sources that we use today. More importantly there aren’t any severe consequences left for the environment during the process. The more learning and the more realization of how fast the quality of life is depreciating environmentally conscious citizens look to others observing ignorance for failing to come to the same standards of view. Utilization of solar energy can be very inexpensive, making several techniques feasible for today’s homeowner. The problem is the majority of the worlds population don’t see the benefit to the environment on themselves.

Throughout history the sun has been a utilized asset to civilization. The Greek have spread their building far enough apart facing south to utilize the sun’s heat, accepting the sun through large entries of the villas. They even used transparent windows to decrease the rate of solar escape. During the 1500’s the Dutch used canvas and double-pane glass to further contain the heat. In the early 19th century they used green houses to capture heat as they opened up vents to warm the main house. Other forms of solar transfer were becoming more prominent, evaporation contained and used as a water pump. Minds were heavily looking into further use of the suns power. Leaps were taking when Walker showed how a solar water heater could be connected to an auxiliary heat source. To further add ...

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.... Close the shades of your home to help prevent the heat from escaping. Plant deciduous trees where the sun shines the most on your home. If building a home, face it south to receive the sun the most. These methods have some how been avoided for some time.

It truly is unfortunate that the only way there will be a change in the use of energy is because oil prices are exploding, oil supply is diminishing, and most likely economics will eventually create the change because solar will be cheap. The future is efficiency because the world doesn’t have a choice or we’ll be consumed by or own pollution. The climate change and greenhouse gases are pointing towards an environmentally safe use of energy. Insulation will become more technologically sound. Windows currently are expensive but strongly efficient. The world has no choice if it intends on to stay living.

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