Essay on Implementing Radio in Somalia

Essay on Implementing Radio in Somalia

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Implementing Radio in Somalia

Implementation of radio technology in helping underdeveloped countries is a cheap and effective solution in spreading education, health information, and news about local and foreign affairs. Radio can reach the most people (approximately an area of a 20 km radius) with the least amount of money, energy and effort. In comparison to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Internet connectivity, radio management is easily teachable and requires less man-hours in training; Internet technology on the other hand, while perhaps more sophisticated, requires longer training hours and more expensive equipment. The sophistication of Internet is too advanced for some of the more rural areas of underdeveloped countries; introduction of these technologies can alter cultural traditions and induce shock to the natives. Radio is a way to establish a technological presence slowly without immersing the people and their culture into hi-tech life. ICT can undo many of their advantages by confusing the locals and turning them off to the complicated instruments. Most reports on telecenters in Asia, Africa and Latin America acknowledge that people use the phone and the photocopier, and very little of the computer and Internet facilities. And those that use it are generally the most educated, the well off in the community, not the originally intended and most in need beneficiaries (“Gap hypothesis ”).

Another reason for radio is that radio is a tool needed to spread information to countries where illiteracy rates are high. Spreading news and education through print would be useless when 70 percent of the population is unable to access the information. By meeting informational needs through aud...

... middle of paper ...

...e in and hopefully keep listening even
when the program is done.
• Music—traditional as well as “pop” music would be played throughout the day.
• Celebrity Corner—a weekly program that gives the latest on sports celebrities,
movie actors, and rock stars.
• Local Events and Festivals—special programming that would cover local events
and highlight special villagers and children.


These programs are in no way inclusive of all the possibilities for ideas of engaging programs, but they are a starting point. Radio is a cheap and effective way to spread information and education to people of Somalia. Radio will not put food in the people’s mouths, nor will it make up for years of governmental corruption or pain inflicted through malnutrition, disease and AIDS; however, radio can provide knowledge and spread counsel to those who need it.

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