Essay about Women in Sports and Sports Broadcasting

Essay about Women in Sports and Sports Broadcasting

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Women in Sports and Sports Broadcasting

Before I conducted this media analysis about women in sports and sport broadcasting, I hypothesized the obvious - that more male sports would be in the media, and that there would be more male sports broadcasters as well. Through my observations I did find that the sports arena and sports broadcasting sphere are male dominated. However, I also found that although there are not many stories about women, there has been a steady progression and magazines like Sports Illustrated are becoming bold enough to highlight women athletes in a magazine that is targeted towards a male audience. Although women still have a long way to go, they are making some headway into the male-dominated sports arena.

In a vast amount of the print media I observed, I found that the few stories about women included stories such as Marion Jones' steroid scandal and Chamique Holdsclaw's struggle with depression. SI did reveal incriminating stories about men, but there were also more stories about men in sport overall. This particular magazine seemed to contain...

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