Politics and Religious Faith in the Media Essay

Politics and Religious Faith in the Media Essay

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Politics and Religious Faith in the Media

On January 29, 3003, thousands of Americans were seated in front of their television screens, eagerly and somberly watching the man on the screen. During the man’s speech, the words “There’s power, wonder-working power” were brought forth, and it was those very words which have turned heads, and incurred opinions, articles, and editorials across the nation. Had this man been a preacher there is no doubt that his comments would have gone un-criticized. However, this man was not a preacher, but rather George Bush, the President of the United States of America. His comment did not escape notice nor criticism, and has become highlighted in the recent media focus on politics and religious faith.

Just a week ago Newsweek published a cover story on “Bush and God”, and TIME magazine, USA Today, and The New York Times have all published articles and editorials concerning this topic. In response to the recent media coverage, Americans are sitting up as well, taking more careful notice, and often voicing their own opinions. As the journalists and newscaster are questioning to what extent personal beliefs are affecting political performance and agenda, I find myself questioning the journalists and newscasters themselves. How are they presenting this topic, and how are these presentations influencing the publics understanding of the truth of the situation? Is it possible to report on a topic as controversial and complex as religion and politics in such a way that is not biased or catered to popular opinion? Through my research I have found material to suggest that the media, specifically magazines, newspapers, and on-line articles, are not clearly delineating between those who favor Bush’s relig...

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