Essay about The Religion of Islam

Essay about The Religion of Islam

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The country of Saudi Arabia has only one religion which caused Islam it is the largest religion in the Middle East. The follower?s of Islam are Muslims. Muslims believe in only one God just like the Jews and Christians, the major difference is the belief in the nature of God. The word for God in Arabic is Allah and that is what Muslims call God. By looking at the history, the beliefs, and the Islamic terrorists, Islam has been view as a bad religion. The Islamic religion is generally a very peaceful religion, and that a very few of the Muslims are radicals, which gives the religion a bad stereotype.

The year when Islam was established is unknown, but what is known is that the last prophet was Muhammad. Muhammad was the last prophet to hear the finals words of Allah. Muslims also believe in angels. Angels worship God alone and they obey him (Islamonline). According to Hobbs and Salter, one of the Angel?s Gabriel is the one who brought the words of Allah down to Muhammad. The angel Gabriel did this by going to Muhammad and telling him the words of God. When he was meditating just outside of Mecca, which is where he wrote down the words in the Qur?an (234). For the next twenty years, Muhammad would start to preach the new message that ?there is no god, but God? (234). The people of Mecca saw Muhammad and his follower?s as an economic threat because the city depended on the traffic of the pilgrimage to Ka?aba. The people of Mecca made Muhammad and his follower?s go to the city which is known today as Medina. At that time, Medina had the largest Jewish population. The Meccans and Muslims had a lot of conflicts between them and in 630 AD the Muslims took over the city of Mecca (234). After Muhammad died i...

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...e an incredibly strong belief in their religion by devoting everything in their life to Allah. The Islamic terrorists? make-up a few of the Islam?s, but is giving all of the Islam?s a bad stereotype. Many of the beliefs are the same in other religions but Islam is unique in its own ways.

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