Use of Literary Techniques in Milton's Sonnet Essay

Use of Literary Techniques in Milton's Sonnet Essay

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Use of Literary Techniques in Milton's Sonnet


At the prime of his life, Milton was struck with blindness. As a result of this tragedy,

Milton created a sonnet about his blindness. He questioned the meaning of this tragedy,

of the future, and God for his blindness within the sonnet. Within Milton's sonnet about

his blindness: figurative language, personification, his intent and prosody are adopted to

 convey his questions and heart felt acceptance of his blindness.

            Milton uses figurative language to express his grievances and discontent. He

reflects upon his life and "how my light is spent," or the time he had his sight. Milton then

expresses the feeling of the "dark world and wide" of the blind as his introduction to his

questions. He begins to question his writing that only death can take away (" talent

which is death to hide.."),  "lodged... useless" within him because of his new blindness. As

a result, Milton begins to question God, "Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?" Milton

wonders as to the meaning of his blindness; Does God want him to continue to write, even

with his blindness, or what does God really mean? At first his tone seems harsh, but his

feelings are redirected as he answers his own questions in time. His last question to God,

was answered by himself as he realizes that he cannot blame God for his actions. His

figurative language from the point he begins to question, up to where he begins to answer

his own questions are full of implications of his thought. These implications must be picked

out in order to make sense of the feeling and statement Milton is trying to make. ...

... middle of paper ...

... He has accepted the fact that he is blind and has

answered his own thoughts on God. Milton believes that he must make a choice to go on

with his writing or "stand and wait," as he must bear the burden and continue or stop.

            In conclusion, Milton uses many literary techniques to express himself as he

confronts his feelings with blindness within this sonnet. The uses of figurative language to

introduce the dilemma and to personification for change to the solution of his problems are

effectively used to contrast the mood. His prosody and intention with words creates an

imaginative thought process and detail towards the sonnet. Overall, his techniques combine

to convey the theme of acceptance and realization. Milton has inferred that whether or not

he continues to write depends on himself and serving God.


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