Essay on How to Tie a Tie

Essay on How to Tie a Tie

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How to Tie a Tie

In the workplace it is important for one to look professional. For men, one great step to appear professional is to wear a tie. Wearing a tie can add greatly to a professional appearance. For these reasons in the following one will find a step-by-step process to follow describing how to tie a necktie.

Before a man starts tying his necktie, he must find an appropriate shirt to wear with the tie. The kind of shirt that is appropriate to wear with a tie is a dress shirt (one with a collar), preferably long-sleeved. After he has chosen an appropriate shirt he can begin the process of tying his necktie. First, he should place the necktie around his collar with the seam of the tie facing him. He should note the lengths of the wide and narrow sides of the tie and how low...

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