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These days it is easy to read on the internet about a woman who has been beaten by her professional athlete husband or her boyfriend. Thousands of women are mistreated, or even murdered, each year and these deaths are increasing. However, although this is the main problem in our society,there are other kinds of domestic violence that not many people know but they have the same importance. In this essay I intent to give a definition of domestic violence and explain the main kinds of abuses.I will also suggest some possible solutions to diminish or to eliminate this problem and I will show some domestic indicators. I intend to argue some unhelpful behaviours and to finish I will discuss the effects of domestic violence in children.

The term family violence includes all forms of violence within families. It is commonly used to describe the abuse women suffer at the hands of their male partners, but it is also used to mean family violence. Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, psychological, social or economic. Domestic violence is a hidden problem. It occurs in the privacy of a home, and those involved are usually reluctant to talk about it. The overwhelming majority are women and children who are more vulnerable.

There are a lot of kinds of domestic violence such as physical abuse, verbal/emotional abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse, social abuse or spiritual abuse. The first kind is physical and verbal/emotioonal abuse. This is produced when any action intended to degrade, humiliate and demean, both in public or private, including threats to injure or otherwise harm, the partner or the children; putting one's partner down and making them feel bad about themselves and their abilities; treating one's partner like a servant; abuser making decisions regarding partner's financial status, free time, friendships, work and leisure activities. This constant humiliation will destroy a woman's belief in herself and she may start to believe that she's worthless, that the violence is her fault. Verbal abuse also includes threats of physical violence and violent verbal outbursts. Economic abuse occurs where the man has total control over all financial resources. The woman may have to beg for money to buy necessities and when it is given, it may often be insufficient. She is then criticised for being stupid and incompetent in failing to provide adequately with t...

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...y wants to admit any bad apparitions in the society what causes more harm to the victims. There are also people who believe that if it even exists it can't be that bad. They just deny it.

To conclud, just recently people started to talk about this problem in public. The newspapers publish articles concerning the different forms of domestic violence. Some people who were in contact with victims of the violence have tried to help them by opening help - centres, organizations and institutions, which support the victims by giving them some kind of safety and which encourage them to talk about that. The SOS - telephone is very important, because it is available 24 hours a day and because the anonymity they guarantee. People feel free to call them and ask for help. There are only a few centres like this and that is not enough, but the government doesn't have the required money.

For my part, I feel that there is NO excuse for any kind of violence. Violence is never an acceptable method of solving conflicts in relationships, nor do partners have a legal right to assault each other, whatever they may claim to have been the 'provocation'. Nobody asks for, or deserves to be, abused.

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