Essay on The Formation of a Global Community

Essay on The Formation of a Global Community

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Globalization, Tourism, and Terrorism: The Formation of a Global Community

Throughout the past thirty years traveling tourists have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and discover a variety of different cultures. This incredible opportunity has been facilitated by the developments of tourist friendly locales all over the world in remote areas of the globe such, Madagascar, Easter Island (off the coast of Chile), Bali, and more recently the Mentawai Islands off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Travelers are finding more reasons to break off the beaten path, primarily because they want to escape from the crowds that can come with more popular vacation destinations. Many of these travelers who are choosing new and remote destinations for their travels are the young backpackers hailing from just about every country in the world. Accompanying them are families who want to have a more remote and more isolating experience. Still many are honeymooners fresh from the altar. And the last group which, consists of the surfers who travel to the ends of the globe to find that perfect combination of weather, water, and waves. These surfers are connoisseurs of some of the finest beaches in the world and thirst after lush white tropical sands and blue water like a camel fresh off of a trek through the Sahara. One of the major catalysts that has allowed for the growth of these remote tourist locations has been the development of the internet, which has allowed everyone in the world to visit almost any place with the click of a button, make a reservation at a hotel, and see a menu from a local restaurant. This ability to research and carefully plan trips to remote locations around the world is a modern phenomenon, whi...

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