Essay on English-Only America - Pro and Con

Essay on English-Only America - Pro and Con

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English-Only America - Pro and Con

As everyone agrees, English has been America’s common language since its foundation. In recent years, however, English is in danger of losing its status as a national language. As you would see in metropolises and cities in Border States, use of non-English languages among immigrants has been increasingly common. Some immigrants stick to their native language in everyday life and can’t speak English well even after several years of immigration. Because the lack of common language causes a lot of problems, some argue that the use of other languages should be legally restrained. But other people oppose it by saying that restraint will put non-English speaking people under pressure and the lack of bilingual supports will jeopardize their lives in cases of emergency. One of the problems is that neither the Constitution nor laws states English as the official language. As a reaction, Proposition 63, which would legally put priority on English above other languages, was proposed in California. There have also been some movements in Congress toward constitutional amendment to make English a national language.

Avila and Rooney express their opinions about this issue from the opposite sides and in different strategies. In his article “The Case for Bilingual Ballots” on San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle, Avila argues that we should continue and strengthen the bilingual support to non-English speaking immigrants. On the other hand, in his article, “Liberty and Language for All” on the newspaper, Rooney argues that we should make English an official language and stop bilingual support for immigrants in public. As reading the two articles several times, I felt an apparent ...

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...people, Rooney is a famous personality on nation-wide television whose opinion can have an influence on entire States. This difference appears in their style of texts. In his text, Rooney is overconfident in his authority and arrogant to the people different from him. On the other hand, Avila is sincere and modest in his way to persuade the readers; he tried to provide self-decision making materials to vote for or against Proposition 63. When persuading readers, especially in such a specific issue of making English official language, it’s more persuasive to argue with concrete facts like Avila did than just to impose one’s opinion.

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