Merchant of Venice: Comparison of the Marriage Plot and the Trial Plot Essays

Merchant of Venice: Comparison of the Marriage Plot and the Trial Plot Essays

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It is worthwhile to take a close look at the marriage and trial plots in The Merchant of Venice. The antagonists of the respective plots have similar goals; they seek access to power and privilege. However, the types of power they seek is very different. The methods they use of gaining power are also differ. Bassanio succeeds with his intent, but Shylock fails. Focusing on the before mentioned plots, one may draw some conclusions concerning the reasons of success and failure in this play.

            Let us look at the marriage plot. Already in I,i Bassanio reveals his plans of wooing Portia. He describes his undertaking as a quest; "her sunny locks/ Hang on her temples like a golden fleece/ Which makes her seat of Belmont Colchos' strond,/ And many Jasons come in quest of her."(I, i, 169-172). We might notice how he describes Portia's looks in an almost petrarchan manner. He is describing a single feature of her (her hair), and thereby objectifying her. More importantly, Bassanio's words tell us that he is aware of the economic gains that he can achieve through the bond of marriage. This makes us ask an essential question: What does Bassanio want to achieve through wooing Portia?

According to Frank Whigham in "Ideology and Class Conduct in The Merchant of Venice", he wants power through an assimilation into the elite. Bassanio has lost ventures before (I, i, 123-135), but now he's venturing to be free from financial worries. He seeks to rid himself with the fear the Venetians share when it comes to loss of security and privilege through the loss of money (I, i, 31-34). To this we might add that he also seeks love in marriage.

Since Bassanio spoke of his under...

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...f flesh, and thereby Antonio's life. One might argue that it is Shylock's honesty that becomes his downfall. In the end there is no doubt in anyone's mind that he, as an alien, did "seek the life of a citizen" (IV, i, 347), and that he therefore is liable to persecution.

Accordingly, we can claim that the trial plot and the marriage plot both can be seen as trials determining access to power. Shylock fails because he is unable to see the law as an ideological tool created by the elite. He does not realise that the law is not literal and objective, it is created to protect its creators. The law, in this respect, becomes biased and dishonest. Bassanio, in his trial, uses decorum and style in order to get what he wants. He is being dishonest in his rhetoric when it comes to his desires for wealth, but by displaying the proper style, he gets what he wants.


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