Importance of Memory Color Essay

Importance of Memory Color Essay

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Importance of Memory Color

One of the most influential aspects on the quality of our lives is color. We use our perception of color every day. Without color we could not see traffic signals or enjoy sunsets, and learning techniques would be much more difficult. Color is an important function that signals and helps facilitate perceptual organization. Memory color is a phenomenon in which an object's characteristic color influences our perception of its color. The study of what colors will maximize memorization skills is important for many reasons. Human beings rely on color to keep order in our lives. Traffic signals, warning signs, and many other signals require perception of color in order to be effective. Without the use of color our world would become chaotic. Finding the colors that are most effective on memorization would increase safety and order in our lives. Also, finding the colors that best stimulate memorization could increase study skills in students, especially those with learning disabilities. The use of memory color could also be used in areas of business such as retail to optimize sales by using colors that are most familiar to people, and will therefore grab their attention. Furthering the study of the effect of color on memory would be beneficial in many areas.

Our lives are kept in order by numerous signs, signals, and devices that provide instruction and precautions. We are constantly adapting these devices in ways that will increase our awareness of their function. Naor (2001) found that color knowledge interacts with object representation in many levels, depending upon the access level that is triggered by the stimulus. Therefore, using colors in signs and signals that are more familiar to people w...

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