Being Pregnant

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Being Pregnant Through out my teenage years I always had it made. I had security, support of my family, and other things. When I turned 16 I had found out something that would change my life forever, I was pregnant. As a teenager I was anorexic, therefore meaning I had a problem with getting fat. If I had gained just a little bit of weight I went on a crash diet (eating nothing at all for a period of time) till I lost the weight I had gained. For a period of time I had went through a spell of doing nothing but eating. My mom had started to ask questions, and I had told her everything was ok; I was just going through one of my eating spells. My uncle had accidentally dropped me on a cement block therefore resulting in hurting my tailbone. So for the rest of my life my tailbone would freeze up where I could not move or just hurt all the time. The moral of this part is when I was 16 my tailbone had frozen up and my mom and brother had taken me to the hospital. I would have never known this would be a turning point in my life. The doctor took x-rays to find out what was wrong and later sent us home telling us he would call us if anything abnormal showed up. Later on that day we were all just watching television then the phone rang. Little did I know what he was about to tell me would result in the actions I had to take. I answered the phone and it was the doctor. He had proceeded to tell me the x-rays were fine except one thing, and the words he had told me put me ...
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