The Decision That Changed Me Essay

The Decision That Changed Me Essay

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The Decision That Changed Me

The decisions we make throughout life can have an impact on our future, directly or indirectly. When things do not always go your way, you can learn from these experiences and grow as a person. It will not be easy, but eventually with time things will improve. All the hard times really make a person cherish all the good times. Saying this, I wanted to do something a little more personal for my final paper. The environment has a certain pull on everyone's' lives whether they realize it or not. This paper expresses how the environment of Illinois College has changed my life. I am also including a poem that I composed recently after events that have occurred in my life. I am hoping that my readers will relate to and understand where I am coming from. I am especially directing to this to my peers, as well as the future generations at Illinois College.


As I lay here at night,
thoughts swirling through my head.
Is this the beginning, or the inevitable end?
Clouded mind, what to do?
I close my eyes and all I see is you.
Thoughts racing, heart aching
Dreams fading, tears trailing.
Maybe someday you will see what I see,
feel what I feel.
Maybe you too will dream the same dream.
Until that time comes I will stand tall
I will go on.

College. That one word alone sent shivers down my spine senior year of high school. The fear was almost overwhelming that summer as I prepared to leave the comfort of my home, and go off to college. I had a clear picture of what I thought college would be like. The giant campus would consume me with tall, brick buildings and rude people scurrying like rodents along the endless gray sidewalks. How wo...

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... Although this is my senior year, it is not the end for me. I have one more semester before student teaching. Looking back on freshman year until the present, I have so many memories of friends I have made, people I have met, classes, and all the ups and downs that come along with college life. As I sit here at my computer, I ask myself, “If I could change anything about my life, would I?” To answer this question, I will end with this: No class in the world could teach me the lessons that I have learned this far in college. Professors do not teach, How To Recover From a Broken Heart 101 or How To Drive Your Roommate Crazy. These things are learned through experience and learning from your mistakes. I truly would not change a thing because only the bad experiences make you stronger, and all the good things allow you to look forward to what is yet to come.

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