Teachers Shape Lives Through Words and Actions Essay

Teachers Shape Lives Through Words and Actions Essay

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Teachers Shape Lives Through Words and Actions

There was a teacher who paddled so hard that a child was bruised, a teacher who yelled so much that a child was broken, and a teacher who criticized so much that a child was hopeless. But, there was a teacher who loved so truthfully that a child smiled, and learned, and dreamed, and grew.

Teachers shape lives. And the way a teacher understands, instructs, and treats a student determines the shape of that life. This is a great responsibility that must be entered into with patience and love. This educational philosophy can be described through a discussion of the nature of students, the nature of knowledge, the purpose of public education, methodology, and curriculum. There is much to be considered because the life of a child is priceless.

First, let us look at the nature of students. Students are human beings, just like the rest of the world, searching for guidance, care, and acceptance. They may be born innocent as Rousseau believes, but by the time they come to school, they’ve been home with parents/guardians for years. Therefore, students are coming to school with many different characteristics and behaviors learned from home. Children are good imitators and their nature can be changed by the influences of the teacher and environment, as Rousseau demonstrated. Since a common denominator here is the fact that we are all humans, teachers need only to look inside themselves to understand the basic nature of the student and how that individual can be reached.

Since humans are unique in many ways, the nature of knowledge is relative. Some people are born with more intelligence than others, and some have been encourag...

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...o science, social studies, history, art, and music. Health and physical wellness should also begin at an early age in order to establish healthy choices for life. The subjects should be interrelated and compelling to the students by applying them to their everyday lives and interests, as pointed out by Pragmatist, George Herbert Meade.

Teachers shape lives through words and actions. It is a great responsibility to show guidance, care, and acceptance to all children and to inspire them to become the best that they can be. This philosophy has been discussed in the areas of the nature of students, the nature of knowledge, the purpose of public education, methodology, and curriculum. In order to help a child, I must teach, and be teachable. I must speak and listen. I must look into their eyes and understand. They must look into mine and know truth.

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