Beowulf vs. The 13th Warrior Essay example

Beowulf vs. The 13th Warrior Essay example

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I have closely compared aspects of Beowulf with the film, “The 13th Warrior”. Beowulf, written down by an unnamed Christian Monk in the 18th century, served as framework for the plot of “The 13th Warrior”. Beowulf and The 13th Warrior have extensive differences and even more similarities throughout the two stories. The film was made to actually show the different aspects, techniques, and ways of thinking that the people of medieval times thought. It also helps to put you into a better perspective on what the story “Beowulf” was like. Even thought the two stories are not exactly the same, they still stand together making a great mark in history.

Instead of having a completely perfect fabricated movie of the epic story Beowulf, the story was transformed into a collage of similarities. There are a few scenes in “The 13th Warrior” that are comparable to scenes in Beowulf. Such as, Ahmed and his men were attacked by the cannibalistic warriors in the in the large hut; and they had fought for their lives trying to defeat the leader of the pack, forcing the cannibals back to their caves where they arose. This scene is synonymous to the story of “Beowulf” when Beowulf himself, had defeated the almighty Grendal in the mead-hall. Grendal had fallen and fled back towards the lake of hell where he should stay till the end of time. Furthermore, are the next consequential scenes where Beowulf is asked to got to the home of Grendals mother, and slay her just as he did to Grendle. In “T...

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