My Philosophy on Education - Hopes, Goals, and Dreams Essay examples

My Philosophy on Education - Hopes, Goals, and Dreams Essay examples

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My Philosophy on Education - Hopes, Goals, and Dreams

When I was sixteen I started working with children from low socioeconomic backgrounds at a Family Resource Center. Everyday I saw how many of the children got overlooked at home and at school. This experience was critical in my decision to become a teacher because I know that I will always go the extra mile with each and every child. All children have lots of potential and need to be able to express it in some form whether it is with creative writing, making maps or building a model. All children deserve to be given the adequate time and attention they need to grow, learn, and achieve. Children should feel comfortable developing hopes, dreams, and goals and realize that they have the opportunity to achieve them.

The pace and level of knowledge that a child learns is relative because every child learns differently. I think that children learn in many different forms including through the use of visual aids, verbal communication and written format. I think that most material should be broken down so it will be easier for the child to grasp. I agree with the theory of Socrates in that students should be questioned and questioned again so that they can rethink what they believe in.

I think the purpose and importance of education is to develop children’s thinking capabilities, creativity, social skills and interactions to there fullest. Education is the key that will allo...

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