Essay Murphy's Laws of Education

Essay Murphy's Laws of Education

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Murphy's Laws of Education

I have spent my entire life learning. I learn because I love learning. I was born with this love and my parents nurtured this love until I entered high school. Once in high school, the material was too difficult and time was too short for my parents to be as supportive as they were previously. I found that teachers would give me work to do, and I would do it, and I would learn from it. It wasn't the same once I was effectively self supportive of my love for learning. The first year in high school I found one teacher that went the extra mile to make sure I would be excited about his subject. For the rest of my high school career there was an absence of this type of teacher, by graduation I was sick of learning and ready for the real world. The real world taught me a very important lesson without me even knowing it at first. I believe this lesson to be about human nature in general, I like to succeed and to learn is to succeed at education. My goal as a teacher is to prevent as many American children as possible from loosing their natural curiosity and drive due to a lack of success in education and a lack of nurturing teachers.

In this paper I hope to show, you the reader, my philosophy of education in terms of the learning experience and the interaction of teacher and student. My philosophy is very much a product of my life in the honors classes in high school, my time in the nuclear power field and especially my life growing up in a military family. The authoritarian style of my upbringing and my experiences with other leadership styles has lead me to a conscious decision that directly relates to my philosophy. No matter who you are or how the outside forces in your life affect you, if you do no...

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...a large impact on my life, and it is within his philosophy that my teaching style and method are rooted. Although implementing his complete Total Quality Management technique in the classroom will be impossible given the current structure of public education, his key point can still be used as a guide for my teaching career. Deming's most important idea, and my guiding philosophy is "Create and maintain a constancy of purpose toward improvement of students and service."

Again my goal as a teacher is to nurture as many American children as possible to prevent them from loosing their natural curiosity and drive due to a lack of success in education. In order to foster this drive to learn I feel compelled to teach thought so that each student can succeed outside my classroom.

To teach only the facts, is to teach stagnation; to teach thought is to teach growth.

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