Managing the Workplace Ethics of Social Media Essay

Managing the Workplace Ethics of Social Media Essay

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Social media applications on the internet have skyrocketed in the area of interests for all ages of employees in the work force. As fast as these applications are gaining popularity, so are they changing the way employers are looking at their employees and their companies in general. There are so many benefits that social media has brought to the cooperate world, but with this each company is becoming increasingly more aware of the risks that are involved with using it. Misuse of company resources, conflicts of interest, and criticism of others are just a few.  This is a challenging topic, because there is so much corss-over on many ethical and compliance issues. Like any other ethics and compliance topic, social media can and must be proactively managed for a company to keep its reputation while providing its employees with the knowledge to manage their personal and business activities separately.

In a qualitative study conducted by Corporate Compliance Insights, it was found that young workers are embracing the new wired world that we live in; always wired, always communicating, and always multitasking. This is what is changing the business world. Businesses need to cater to the public’s wants and needs, and now those wants and needs are met by social media and telecommunication. For many companies, these application tools can provide new ways of communication with potential and new consumers, employees, suppliers and other connections. The applications offer companies the opportunity to speed up the pace of business in our already fast-paced world while establishing the message the company wants to convey, strengthening a company’s relationship with their customers and furthering facilitation of a continuous conversation abo...

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... some special modifications specific to social media. This includes training their employees with the utmost attention to their understanding of the topic at hand. The sooner a company grasps the virtual world of social media and its users, the more successful they will be in the fast-paced, changing environment social media provides.


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