Artificial Intelligence: Where does it fit? Essay

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Artificial Intelligence: Where does it fit?

Machines in the future will not be able to differentiate between man and machine, and neither will humans; except that machines will be active: working, learning, developing new technology. Humans on the other hand, have no choice but to watch from our glass boxes because machines have become so advanced and we would only interfere.

Maybe the future won’t look exactly like that, but truthfully, computers will reach human intelligence someday. They have already surpassed our calculation abilities and our speed of processing information. But we can still hold on to our intelligence for now. Artificial intelligence, the science and engineering of making intelligent machines through intelligent programs, is not just about modeling human behavior. It’s more about making life easier and better by developing new tools with advanced capabilities. Artificial intelligence, like technology, advances rapidly as time moves on. It needs to be worked on before considered satisfactory, let alone perfect.

Computers have many similarities to humans like neural impulses to digital technology or being programmed to function in a certain manner. A computer is given commands and specific outputs for corresponding commands. Humans are taught to act or not act in specific ways. We have automatic responses such as fear, hunger, and happiness. We’ve been programmed to react differently to various stimulants. Great progress has been made by developers of artificial intelligence, but there remain large gaps between humans and machines. Physically, humans have bodies with senses. Machines could have bodies— like robots—but they are still unable to sense the physical world and react to it. H...

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If computers overtake the workplace, professionals sacrifice their dignity: there will no longer be an emphasis on skill level because the computer makes the decisions. Mistakes would be inexcusable, although humans are not flawless. Humans would not be credited for achievements because computers will have done all the computation, planning and presentation. The value of a human life will decrease as the computer climbs the corporate ladder. If humans continue to do what we do best, look out for ourselves. We’ll realize that artificial intelligence should be made to supplement humans, not to replace them. We should not rely on computers as much as we rely on our instincts and judgments. If we allow machines without bodies and without minds to take over our world, what would our purpose be? Would we have existed just to bring artificial intelligence about?

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