Environmentally Friendly Golf Courses Essay

Environmentally Friendly Golf Courses Essay

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Golf Courses Made More Environmentally Friendly Through the Advancement of Technology

The human race has inhabited this planet for only a small window in the geological time scale, however, the advances and changes in lifestyle that humans have made throughout the course of history are amazing. The field of technology is by the far the most interesting aspect of human societal growth because it is our ability to build these products that separates from the other species we share this planet with. It is hard to believe that at one point there was no electricity, no telephone, no internet or even no cars, but humans have developed all of these technological innovations which improve and facilitate our way of life. With all these new inventions and magical miracle products it is possible to loose track of what really makes this planet so special and that is the environment which surrounds us each day. Are these new technological ideas harmful to the environment? Is the rapid growth and development of such technologies so quick that we have no idea how the products will affect the environment 5 years from now, let alone 25 years from now? The preeminent and most beneficial technologies are those which are environmentally safe and consider the consequences of their usage. By developing technologies that have a positive effect on the environment we are ensuring the existence of the human race and other species long after we have died.

One of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sports is known as the gentleman’s game or golf, as it is more commonly referred to, and there is no doubt that with the addition of Tiger Woods to the PGA Tour that golf in America is on the rise and is a booming industry. America has over 180...

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