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Essay about Plastic Surgery

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So what if that lady with bigger breasts got the leading role in the play. Its what's in the inside that counts, right? One can repeat think this as many times as he or she likes, but one will somehow carry one back to the harsh reality. Talent is good, but it's great if it comes along with beauty. In a society where appearance is everything, time can be one's worst enemy. Who will save us from the evil signs of ageing? A plastic surgeon! Because of the rising economy, cosmetic surgery is now more affordable, which creates great demand for such services. In return, creates a great wave of several different health care providers to become plastic surgeons. Because many are demanding services concerning the enhancement of appearances, cosmetic surgery is widely performed by plastic surgeons. Over the years, cosmetic procedures became more safe and quick which creates an even greater reason for all ages to rush under the knife, not even considering who might be performing the procedure and risks. Many doctors can easily pick up the mantel of ?plastic surgeon? without the proper credential and training. Because of this, ethical issues arise concerning the risks behind private clinics and false advertisement.



Cosmetic surgery is considered the method of choice for many when it comes to the common problem of aging. The reason for cosmetic surgery is plain and simple; to enhance beauty. It is the result of this enhancement that many decide to choose cosmetic surgery. Recipients can choose to do it to please love ones or their peers, or just for their own satisfaction. Once the procedure is successful and the recipient is happy with the results, his or her self-esteem increases dramatically. Fear and depression will most likely reduce, which makes it easier for the recipient to conform to society. In a way, it helps them feel ?normal?. Another result that can come out of this procedure is the improvement of job prospects. Men and women, mostly men, in many instances, choose to have cosmetic surgery for professional reasons. ?A work culture which often equates youth with energy and ambition, and maturity with irrelevance and lack of innovation, has encouraged the use of cosmetic surgery by men and women to reduce signs of ageing and so improve their ...

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