Essay on The Hook Shot

Essay on The Hook Shot

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The Hook Shot

It was my junior year and football season was over. We had won the state championship. It was time to relax and enjoy basketball season. Basketball season was always a fun time. I was a grade younger than most of my friends who were on the team. I was always the kid that was brought up to sit on the bench or be the sixth man. I never really got too much playing time, however, sometimes if there was a big man on the other team, or some sort of foul trouble for one of the seniors, I would get in. I had been playing with these same kids since the 6th grade. My role on the team had been the same all the way up to this point. That was ok with me. What I really enjoyed though were all the trips and tournaments and just hanging out with my friends.

There was another role I played on the team, I was the team’s clown or the guy that always was playing some sort of practical joke, and usually getting into trouble. This is why I loved tournaments and trips so much. There was so much mischief to get into. On and off the court I was always doing something to make people laugh. Super gluing hotel phones down and calling people at 3:30 in the morning, posting up and yelling “Feed the machine!!”, so the whole gym could hear. The list is numerous and I really should not go into detail. I was very proud of all of these things but what I am most proud of happened in the state championship game.

I woke up the morning of the state game around 10:30. We had to check out of our hotel. I looked around and my eyes felt like they were burning, I looked at the floor and the rest of the room and felt sorry for the maid. Popcorn was spread everywhere, pictures on the wall turned up side down. Our coach made us clean up before we l...

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...enied that pass. I posted up on the outside of the free through line. I received the ball dribbled twice. My team slowly rose up off the bench. I let loose with a perfect sky hook. The ball seemed to hang around in mid air for a while. The whole stadium seemed to go quiet, wondering what they had just seen, watching to see if the ball was going to go in. The ball finally landed on the back of the rim and with the perfect spin bounced up and landed in the basket. The whole stadium, 12,000 people erupted in cheer even the other team’s fans. I stood there dumbfounded, not really sure how I made the shot. I probably made two in my whole life time. I laughed all the way down the court and was smiling for at least the next twenty minutes. The hook shot, which I will always be know for in my town and between my friends, has to be one of my greatest sports accomplishments.

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